The complete drawing documentation with details included is elaborated in the 3D system Pro/ENGINEER® Wildfire 4.0 and in 2D system Auto CAD LT® 2004 MechSoft. These systems automate the processes of precision drawings preparation. They modernize design, creation and modification of drawings prior to their translation onto a paper sheet. Further they make design and drawing of electrodes for Electro Discharge Machining (EDM) possible. For programming of CNC machining we use the system WorkNC® aND WorkNC-CAD®. For programming of the Wire-Cutting EDM we use the system PEPS 5.3 (CAD, CAM), AGIE Wision and for programming of Die Sink EDM the system MULTIPROLOG.


We are able to accept the data files in these formats:

  • 3D models: PRT, STEP, VDA, IGES, NEUTRAL
  • 2D drawings: DRW, DWG, DXF


Drawing documentation in the paper form A0, A1, A2, A3, A4:

  • 3D models: PRT, STEP, VDA, IGES, NEUTRAL
  • 2D drawings: DRW, DWG, DXF

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